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BioMedical Transporters 2001
Membrane Transporters: From Identification to Drug Discovery
August 5 to 9, 2001
Registrations to: Mrs. Wild, Interlaken Congress AG
Strandbadstrasse 44, P.O. Box, CH-3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Tel. +41 33 827 62 00, Fax +41 33 827 62 05, E-Mail:
Please print and send or fax. Do NOT attempt to fill out this form with your web browser
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Registration fees
Entire Conference (August 5 to 9) Regular (After April 30, 2001) Early Registration (deadline April 30)
Academic Conferee 1000SFR (~ US$588) 800SFR (~US$470)
Industry Conferee 1500SFR (~ US$940) 1300SFR(~US$765)
Student/Post Doc 700SFR (~US$412) 400SFR(~US$235)
Accompanying Person (includes reception Sun, lunch Mon/Wed, dinner Mon/Tue) 200SFR (~US$118US) N/A
Name of accompanying person:

Single Day (Students and Post Docs only; Fees include lunch; Dinner not included)

Student/Post Doc 150SFR (~US$95) 125SFR(~US$74)
Special Dinner &Swiss Evening Show (Wednesday)
Any Conferee 100SFR (~US$ 63)
Accompanying person 100SFR ($US$ 63)
Hepatobiliary/Choroid Plexus Dinner on Thursday Evening (all attendees are welcome)
Any Conferee 80SFR ($US$ 50)
Accompanying person 80SFR ($US$ 50)
Note: Registration fee for the entire conference includes: Beer/wine/cheese on Sunday evening, lunch on Monday and Wednesday and dinners on Monday and Tuesday evening. Lodging rates, the Jungfrau Joch Excursion on Tuesday afternoon and the special dinner/Swiss evening on Wednesday evening are not included in the registration fee. Speakers are encouraged to contact the organizer regarding registration fees.
Hotel Reservation

Prices are in Swiss Francs (1US$=~1.8 Swiss Francs). To obtain a map of Interlaken with the location of the hotels click: MAP. General Tourist Information about Interlaken can be obtained at www.interlakentourism.CH.

Hotel Category Single occupation withbath or shower, toilet DepositSingle Double occupation withbath or shower, toilet DepositDouble
Rates in Swiss Francs   Number of rooms Rates min. / max.   Number of rooms Rates min. / max.  
Hotel Du Nord ****   163.- / 193.- 193.-   278.- 278.-
Hotel Interlaken ****   195.- 195.-   260.- 260.-
Hotel Royal-St. Georges ****   170.- / 210.- 210.-   280.- 280.-
Hotel Bernerhof ***   192.- 192.-   240.- 240.-
Chalet-Hotel Oberland ***   138.- 138.-   196.- 196.-
Hotel Crystal ***   140.- / 180.- 180.-   200.- 200.-
Hotel Goldey ***   200.- 200.-   234.- 234.-
Hotel Savoy ***   125.- / 150.- 150.-   200.- 200.-
Hotel Derby **   110.- 110.-   130.- 130.-
Hotel Rössli **   95.- / 110.- 110.-   150.- 150.-
Above rates are per room, per night, incl. breakfast, service, taxes and VAT. The room rate of the first night will be asked as confirmation of the reservation.
Arrival and Departure Dates
Arrival Date: Departure Date:


Jungraujoch Excursion - Tuesday, August 7
I would like to particpate at the Jungfraujoch excursion and I agree to pay the special rate of SFR 185.00 (~ US$ 115) (includes lunch bag)
Yes No
  SFR (Swiss Francs)
Rregistration Fee  
Rregistration Fee - Accompanying Person  
Single Day Student/Postcoc Fees
August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9
Hoteldeposit (Deposit for one night according to your hotel reservation)  
Jungfraujoch Excursion on Tuesday, August 7 (SFR 185 per person)  
Special Dinner/Swiss Evening (Wednesday, August 8) (SFR 100 per person)  
Hepatobiliary/Choroid Plexus Dinner on Thursday Evening (August 9) (SFR 80 per person)  
Total Amount  


Payment Conditions
Payment by bank transfer: The payment must be in Swiss Francs to the following account:
Berner Kantonalbank, CH-3800 Interlaken, account N. 16 240.443.6.47, clearing N. 79050,
code word: "Harvard Institute 2001"
Payment by check: Checks should be made out to:
Interlaken Congress AG, Strandbadstrasse 44, CH-3800 Interlaken,
Switzerland. Telephone: +41/33/827 62 00 - Telefax: +41/33/827 62 05.
Payment by credit card. Please provide credit card information and sign as indicated below.
American Express
Credit Card Number:_______________________________________________Expiration Date:__________________
The registration will become final upon receipt of the correct fee only (congress fee and hotel deposit).

Until June 5, 2001, the registration fee, less CHF 100.00 for administration charges, will be refunded. After this date, no refund will be made for cancellations.

All refunds will be made after the congress.

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