It is generally assumed that about 10% of all human genes are transporter-related, consistent with the biological significance of transporters, channels and pumps.

The SLC (Solute Carrier) series includes the “classical” transporter families (ion-coupled transporters, exchangers, passive transporters, etc.). It contains 65 SLC gene families with 458 different human transporter genes, thus representing a major portion of the human transporter-related genes.

The SLC gene nomenclature system was originally established in the 1990s by Matthias A. Hediger in collaboration with Phyllis McAlpine, the first chair of the Gene Nomenclature Committee HGNC, and has since been maintained and extended in collaboration with Elspeth Bruford who now leads the HGNC.

The SLC (Solute Carrier) gene tables presented on this website provide the latest up-to-date information on the SLC families and their members, as well as relevant links to gene databases and reviews in the literature.

The original version of the SLC tables was prepared by the authors of the 2004 SLC reviews in Pflügers Archives. A revised version of the tables have been generated by the authors of the 2013 reviews which have been published in the Journal Molecular Aspects of Medicine.

The original web application was created in collaboration with Tamás Hegedűs (Semmelweis University, Hungary) and Mehdi Taale (University of Bern).

Currently, it is maintained by Gergely Gyimesi (University of Bern).


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