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Arrival:   Sunday August 8   Registration

Evening 6:00 to 9:00  -  Informal get together  -  Includes buffet
Monday, August 9   Registration Cont'


8:30 Matthias A. Hediger - Introduction
Session I Principles of transmembrane and transcellular drug movement.  -  Chair,  Ernest Wright
8:40 Anna Seelig  -  (Biozentrum Basel)  "Molecular parameters governing passive diffusion through membranes"
9:20 Barry Hirst  - (University of Newcastle, UK)  "Paracellular Pathway"
BREAK - 10:00 - 10:20 (Coffee)
10:20 Ernest Wright   - (UCLA) "Carriers" 
11:00 David Clarke  -  (University of Alberta)  "Drug Transport by the Human Multidrug Resistance P-glycoprotein"
11:40 Chris Cheeseman -  (University of Toronto)   "The use of vascular perfusion of the small intestine for assessing absorption pathways"
Afternoon   LUNCH  -  12:30  -  1:30 p.m.
Session II Intestinal transporters  -  Chair,  Frederick Leibach
1:30 J.D. Young -  (University of Alberta)  "Molecular mechanisms of nucleoside and nucleoside drug transport"
2:10 Frederick Leibach -  (Medical College of Georgia)   "Peptide transport"
2:50 Hannelore Daniel -  (University of Giessen)   "PEPT1 and PEPT2 transport functions when expressed in yeast, insect and mammalian cells."
BREAK   -  3:30   -  3:50  (Coffee)
3:50 Gordon Amidon  -  (University of Michigan)   "Designing drugs for hPepT1 transport"
4:30 P.A. Dawson  -  (Wake Forest University)   "Intestinal Bile Acid Transport: New Molecules and Mechanisms"
5:10 Akira Tsuji  -  (Kanazawa University)   "Transporter-mediated absorption and secretion of drugs"
BREAK   -  5:50   -  6:10  (refreshments)
Session III DISCUSSION   -  6:10   -  7:10
  "Intestinal transporters and drug thrapy: What are the opportunities?" Chair  -  Gordon Amidon (University of Michigan)

Discussants: David Clarke, Hannelore Daniel , P.A. Dawson, Barry Hirst, Frederick Leibach ,Anna Seelig, Akira Tsuji ,Ernest Wright, J.D. Young , Chris Cheeseman

Evening   -  DINNER 7:15   -  8:30 p.m.
  Poster Session   8:30  -  10:00 p.m. (posters to be displayed during the entire meeting)
Tuesday, August 10


Session IV Kidney drug transport and targeting  -   Chair, Heini Murer
8:15 am K.J. Ullrich -  (Max Planck Institute for Biophysiks)   "Drug transport by the kidney"
8:40 am Hitoshi Endou -  (Kyorin University, Tokyo)   "Role of the organic anion transporter superfamily in renal drug transport"
9:20 am Gerhard Burckhardt - (University of Gottingen)   "Renal organic anion transporters"
BREAK - 10:00  - 10:20 (Coffee)
10:20 am Herman Koepsell -  (University of Wurzburg)   "Organic cation transporters"
11:00 am Chairat Shayakul -  (Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok)   "Renal dicarboxylate transport potential role in renal metabolism and pathogenesis of idiopathic hypocitraturia"
11:40 am David Smith  - (University of Michigan)   "Transport of ACE Inhibitors in kidney and intestine"
Session IV A Discussion: "Renal handling of drugs and targeting specific renal transporters", Chair - Heini Murer (University of Zurich)
12:20 pm Discussants: Karl Ullrich, Hitoshi Endou, Gerhard Burkhardt, Herman Koepsell, Chairat Shayakul and David Smith.


12:50 pm Afternoon Tour: Brissago Inseln / Villa Taranto
  Pick up bag lunch and walk down to the Ascona Harbor. Departure of cruise boat at 1:55 pm. Enjoy the horticultural garden on the beautiful Brissago Island. Return by Cruise boat at 4:35pm. Bus from Ascona Harbor to Monte Verita.

Evening - DINNER 6:00 

Session V Kidney drug transport and targeting   -  Chair, Hitochi Endou
7:30 pm Jurg Biber -  (University of Zurich)   "Phosphate transport and regulation"
8:10 pm Yoshikatsu Kanai -  (Kyorin University)   "Amino acid transporters in kidney, liver and blood brain barrier"
8:50 pm Francois Verrey -  (University of Zurich)   "Amino acid transport by heterodimers of 4F2 permease family"
BREAK - 9:30  (Refreshments)
"Renal handling of drugs and targeting specific renal transporters"  -   Chair,  Francois Verrey
9:50 pm Discussants: Jurg Biber and Yoshikatsu Kanai (30 minutes)
Wednesday, August 11
Session VII Transport in Liver   -  Chair,  Peter Meier
8:15 am Peter Meier -  (University of Zurich)   "Overview"
8:55 am Bruno Hagenbuch -  (University of Zurich)   "Bile acid transport and organic anions"
9:35 am Dietrich Keppler -  (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum)   "The apical conjugate export pump MRP2"
BREAK - 10:15 (Coffee)
10:30 Sander Smith -  (Academic Medical Center, Dept. of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases) "The human MDR3 P-glycoprotein is involved in the transport of cytotoxic drugs in vitro"
11:10 am Ned Ballatori -  (University of Rochester)   "Transport of metal ions and glutathione-mercaptides"
Session VIII DISCUSSION: "Drug transport and metabolism in the liver: What are the opportunities?" Chair - Peter Meier
11:50 am  Discussants: Bruno Hagenbuch, Dietrich Keppler, Sanders Smith and Ned Ballatori.
12:30 pm Solar Eclipse Viewing
Afternoon - LUNCH  - 12:40
Session IX Blood-Brain Barrier  - Chair, Keith Horspool   (AstraZeneca)
2:00 pm Jorg Huwyler -  (Hoffmann-LaRoche)  "The blood brain barrier: anatomy and brain drug delivery."
2:40 pm Yuchi Sugiyama  -  (University of Tokyo)  "Characterization of tramsporters involved in efflux of compounds across the blood-brain barrier and blood-CSF barrier"
BREAK - 3:20
3:35 pm Jiunn Lin - (Merck Research Laboratory)  "Role of P-glycoprotein in brain uptake drugs"
4:15 pm Olaf van Tellingen -  (Netherlands Cancer Institute)  "Use of knock-out mice to define the role of transporters in blood brain barrier transport"
Session X DISCUSSION: "Transport of drugs across the Blood-Brain Barrier:  Opportunities and limitations"  Chair - Keith Horspool
5:00 pm Discussants:   Jorg Huwyler,  Jiunn Lin,  Yuchi Sugiyama ,  Olaf van Tellingen (40 minutes)
Special DINNER   -  Hotel Ascona 6:30 - 9:00
6:30 pm The Hotel can be reached through a short walk from the Monte Verita Center. There will be a special music program (Canzoni Ticinesi).
Thursday, August 12


Session XI New developments in drug delivery and targeting  -   Chair,  Soren-Peter Olesen
8:15 am Balazs Sarkadi - "Fluorescence detection to monitor transporter activity during high throughput screens"
8:55 am Soren-Peter Olesen -  (NeuroSearch, Copenhagen) - "NeuroPatch - A fully automated patch-clamp technique used for drug screening"
Session XII Novel opportunities in transporter research  -   Chair,   Seth Alper
9:35 am Seth Alper  -  (Harvard Medical School)  -  "Gene therapy in membrane transport disease"
BREAK - 10:15 (Coffee)
10:30 am Imelda Lambkin -  (Elan Corporation) -  "A Systemic Approach to Oral Protein & Peptide Delivery"
11:10 am Davide Trotti  -  (Harvard Medical School) -  "Glutamate transporters and motor neuron disease"
12:10 pm Vadivel Ganapathy -  (Medical College of Gerogia) -  "The organic cation/carnitine transporter OCTN2: a potential candidate for drug delivery"
12:40 pm Xing-Zhen Chen  -  (Harvard Medical School) -  "New insights into the function of Polycystic Kidney Disease proteins"

Afternoon   -  LUNCH - 1:10 p.m.

Session XIII Pharmacogenomics   -   Chair,   Wolfgang Sadee
2:10 pm Wolfgang Sadee  -  (Univ. of Cal., San Francisco) -  "Pharmacogenetics/genomics relevant to drug transporters"
2:50 pm Kenneth S. Lown -  (University of Michigan Medical Center) -  "The basis and consequences of variable MDR1"
3:30 pm Cheni Kwok  - (Smith Kline Beecham) "Genetic Approaches to the understanding of variability in Drug Transporters"
4:10 pm Closing Remarks - Matthias Hediger

Departure: ~ 4:20 PM

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