Matthias A Hediger
University of Bern, Switzerland

Robert Burrier
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Madison, WI, USA

Ken-ichi Inui
Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan

Bruno Stieger

University of Zürich, Switzerland
SNF Uni Bern

St. Moritz is one of the world’s most famous holiday resorts. It is located at 1,856 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.) within the beautiful Upper Engadine lake landscape of Switzerland.

Three different cultural regions converge in St. Moritz thanks to the Romansch language, the proximity to Italy, and the fact that the majority of the local population are German speaking. The resort owes its original fame to its therapeutic springs, which have been known for over 3,000 years. In addition to a superb location on the lake shore, St. Moritz offers an attractive mixture of nature, culture, sport, activity and tranquility.


We will walk from St. Moritz to Surlej (about 1.5 h). The hike is a fairly easy short route with only slight ascents and descents. Optionally, we will offer a bus ride directly to Surlej as well. From there, we will enjoy a gondula ride up to the Piz Corvatsch with a spectacular view on the lakes of the Upper Engadine.

The Piz Corvatsch, with an elevation of 3,303 m.a.s.l., is the highest point on the range separating the main Engadine valley from the Val Roseg and offers a unique view of the mountains and lakes of the Upper Engadine and far beyond.

We will then have dinner at the Panorama Restaurant on Piz Corvatsch.


The restaurant is in St. Moritz in a quiet area and offers a magnificent view over the lake, the village of St. Moritz and the Upper Engadine mountains.

If you're a whisky lover, you'll be pleased to find the largest whisky bar in the world in the lobby of Hotel Waldhaus am See. The "Devils Place" offers 2'500 varieties and a whisky shop with more than one thousand different bottles (not included in the dinner package).

Enjoy a special dinner (buffet) with a great ambiance at the Restaurant/Hotel Waldhaus am See!

Enjoy the magnificent experience of a sunrise or sunset 3000 m.a.s.l. up against the breathtaking backdrop of a glacier!

The Bernina massif vis-à-vis the Diavolezza towers above the scenery with eight peaks ranging near the four thousand meter mark: a veritable feast for the eyes and a special challenge for climbers and alpine mountaineers.

Additionally, you might enjoy a glacier hike across the tongue of the Pers & Morteratsch Glaciers on the 500 treading steps of the fixed-rope climbing route (Via Ferrata) or a wellness experience at Europe’s highest Jacuzzi.

The entire Upper Engadine region lies at your feet when you are perched on the hiking mountain high above the Inn River Valley.

The breathtaking views of the four lakes and the town of St. Moritz extend far beyond the mountain ranges into the distant horizon. The magnificent view from the hiking mountain Muottas Muragl has inspired poets and painters for centuries. The hut that was once used by the painter Giovanni Segantini, for example, is nearby. Starting from Muottas Muragl, the Panoramic Path with spectacular views takes you across alpine hills and pastures to the village of Pontresina or into nearby valleys.