Up BioMedical Transporters Conference 2013 » Speakers and Chairs Slideshow

1_Session 1_Ikumi Tamai_1
2_Session 1_Ikumi Tamai_2
3_Session 2_1_Robert Tampé_1
4_Session 2_1_Robert Tampé_2
5_Session 2_2_Donald Hilgemann
6_Session 2_3_Michael Romero
7_Session 2_4_Daniel Markovich_1
8_Session 2_4_Daniel Markovich_2
9_Session 2_5_Akira Kato
10_Session 2_6_Harald Sitte
11_Session 3_0_Tamas Hegedus
12_Session 3_1_Jean-Louis Reymond_1
13_Session 3_1_Jean-Louis Reymond_2
14_Session 3_2_Simon Bernèche
15_Session 3_3_Lora Mak
16_Session 3_3_David Marcus
17_Session 3_3_Lora Mak and David Marcus
18_Session 3_4_Mohan Babu
19_Session 4_0_Bob Burrier
20_Session 4_1_Birk Poller
21_Session 4_2_Yong Huang_1
22_Session 4_2_Yong Huang_2
23_Session 5_0_Ken-ichi Inui
24_Session 5_1_Yoshikatsu Kanai
25_Session 5_2_David Smith
26_Session 5_3_Ikumi Tamai_1
27_Session 5_3_Ikumi Tamai_2
28_Session 6a_0_Harald Sitte
29_Session 6a_1_Thomas Stockner
30_Session 6a_2_Benjamin Lüscher_1
31_Session 6a_2_Benjamin Lüscher_2
32_Session 6a_3_Tina Zollmann_1
33_Session 6a_3_Tina Zollmann_2
34_Session 6a_4_Sonja Sucic
35_Session 6a_5_Christine Deisl_1
36_Session 6a_5_Christine Deisl_2
37_Session 6b_0_Robert Tampé
38_Session 6b_1_Claudia Fuchs
39_Session 6b_2_Andrea Chicca
40_Session 6b_3_Christian Bamann_1
41_Session 6b_3_Christian Bamann_2
42_Session 7_0_Kaspar Locher
43_Session 7_1_Nieng Yan_1
44_Session 7_1_Nieng Yan_2
45_Session 7_2_Rachelle Gaudet
46_Session 7_3_Roger Dawson_1
47_Session 7_3_Roger Dawson_2
48_Session 7_4_Christine Ziegler
49_Session 8_0_Peter Meier-Abt
50_Session 8_1_Meenakshisundaram Ananthanarayanan
51_Session 8_2_Stephan Urban
52_Session 8_3_James Boyer_1
53_Session 8_3_James Boyer_2
54_Session 8_4_Tappei Takada
55_Session 8_5_Bruno Vogt
56_Session 10_1_Kathleen Giacomini
57_Session 10_2_Svetlana Lutsenko
58_Session 10_3_Anne Nies
59_Session 10_4_Sibylle Neuhoff
60_Session 11_0_Dallas Bednarczyk
61_Session 11_1_Leon Murphy
62_Session 11_2_Henriette Meyer zu Schwabedissen
63_Session 11_3_Shmuel Muallem
64_Session 12_0_Roch-Philippe Charles
65_Session 12_1_Karl Kunzelmann_1
66_Session 12_1_Karl Kunzelmann_2
67_Session 12_2_Stephan Reshkin_1
68_Session 12_2_Stephan Reshkin_2
69_Session 12_3_Marco Falasca
70_Closing remarks_Matthias Hediger
71_Closing remarks_Shmuel Muallem
72_Closing remarks_Matthias Hediger and Ken-ichi Inui

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