Matthias A Hediger
University of Bern, Switzerland

Robert Burrier
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Madison, WI, USA

Ken-ichi Inui
Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan

Bruno Stieger
University of Zürich, Switzerland


Konzertsaal-Hotel Laudinella Sonderegger

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  Preliminary Session Topics

1. Membrane transporters and channels in     drug discovery

  2. How to discover new ligands

  3. Novel compound screening and drug     profiling technologies

  4. Role of transporters in ADME and toxicology


5. Transporter biology in drug approval:     Regulatory aspects

  6. Trending transporter targets in drug     discovery

  7. Use of transporters for drug delivery

  8. Structure, function and imaging of     transporters

  9. Transporters of the intestine, liver, kidney and     blood brain barrier



Registration starts in late 2012

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