Matthias A Hediger
University of Bern, Switzerland

Robert Burrier
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Madison, WI, USA

Ken-ichi Inui
Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan

Yoshikatsu Kanai

Osaka University, Japan

Bruno Stieger

University of Zürich, Switzerland


BioMedical Transporters 2011 will be held in the spectacular Swiss mountain village of Grindelwald and will focus on several important topics related to transport biology. In the first sessions, technical innovations for drug discovery will be discussed. The importance of combined virtual and in vitro screening, as well as the integration of structural biology, in the identification of new drugs will be highlighted. The remaining sessions are primarily application-oriented and cover the use of drugs affecting membrane transporters in different organ systems. We will also review the role of drugs and transporters with respect to pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and in vivo imaging technologies.

BioMedical Transporters 2011 offers scientists a chance to learn about the most recent breakthroughs in the membrane transport field while interacting with world leading experts in their field from both industry and academia. The conference is expected to draw scientists from both academia and industry in Switzerland, Europe, the US, and Japan. It will also provide a great opportunity to basic scientists to discuss university-industry collaborations. The diversity of participants and speakers will serve to enhance networking between scientists from different countries.

The expected number of participants for BioMedical transporters 2011 is 175-200. The combination of the alpine setting, moderate size, as well as the strong list of speakers and attendees is certain to make this a worthwhile conference for newcomers to the filed of transport biology as ell as experts in the field. A list of preliminary session topics covered at BioMedical Transporters 2011 is shown on the right.

Grindelwald Congress Center

The conference will be held at the Congress Center in Grindelwald. From there you'll have a beautiful view of the mountains. For a location map please click


  Session Topics:
Membrane Transporters in Drug Discovery: from different points of view.

How to discover new ligands: Computer-based Virtual Screening.

Novel Compound Screening and Drug Profiling Technologies.

Transporters as Drug Targets: ADME and Toxicology Questions.

Trending Transporter Targets in Drug Discovery.

PET Imaging: study transporters in vivo.

Structural Biology in Drug Discovery.

Transporters of the Intestine, Liver and Kidney.

Blood Brain Barrier.
Transporters used for Drug Delivery.