Matthias A Hediger
University of Bern
Bern, Switzerland

Robert Burrier
Grand Island, NY, USA

Ken-ichi Inui
Kyoto University
Kyoto, Japan

Bruno Stieger
University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland


Address of the Kursaal Bern:
Kongress + Kursaal Bern AG
Kornhausstrasse 3
CH-3000 Bern 25
Phone: +41 31 339 55 00

By Air
The recommended international airport is Zürich. Once in Zürich you can reach Bern by rail way (~1 hour 15 minutes travel time) or by car (~1 hour 30 minutes travel time). Another option is to fly into Geneva Airport, although it is farther away (~ 2 hours by train and car).

By Rail
Upon arrival at the airport in Zürich (Zürich Flughafen ), take the train to Bern. The train will stop in between Zürich Airport and Bern at Zürich Main Station but, in general, there is no need to change trains. A train schedule can be found at The train is both affordable and convenient. Check with your local travel agent for the availability of special train ticket packages.

By Road
To reach Bern from the Zürich Airport use the following directions:

Merge onto freeway #A51 toward Zürich.
Merge onto A1 toward Bern/Basel/Zürich.
Take A6/37 toward Interlaken/Thun/Bern-Ostring/Bern-Wankdorf/Flughafen.
Merge onto Papiermühlestrasse/6 via exit 37 toward Bern-Wankdorf.
Turn right onto Viktoriastrasse/10.
Turn left onto Viktoriaplatz.
Viktoriaplatz becomes Kornhausstrasse.

The Kursaal Bern offers a parking garage at the rate of SFr. 24.- per day.