Matthias A Hediger
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA, USA
  Peter Meier- Abt
University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

Robert Burrier
Grand Island, NY, USA

Ken-ichi Inui
Kyoto University
Kyoto, Japan


St Gallen is located in Eastern Switzerland between Lake Constance and the Appenzell region. The beautiful oriels (ornamental bay windows), originally a representation of wealth, have been preserved and provide a medieval appearance within the narrow alleys and streets. There are a variety of restaurants serving local, Greek, Italian, French and even Chinese cuisine.

The Museums of Fine Arts (Kunstmuseum St. Gallen) contains a wide range of exhibits encompassing 17 th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, 19 th century German and French art as well as a Modern art collection. Here fine examples of German Idealism can be seen and the Modern art collection includes works of famous painters such as Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso.

The Natural History Museum contains several permanent exhibitions including skeletal reconstruction of dinosaurs, animal life of Ussuria, mineralogy, local mammals and birds and St. Gallen as it was 20 million years ago.

The Textile Museum offers collections from ancient Egypt , Swiss embroideries from the 14 th century on, machine made textiles from the mid-19 th century on, and there are special exhibits that contain examples of contemporary Swiss and foreign works.

The Olma Congress Center is located near the center of St. Gallen. It offers six halls of varying sizes. With three levels, it boasts a combined surface area of 37,000 square meters. It is an ideal location for events of all kinds and offers state of the art interaction and communication facilities.


"Old City" refers to the little that remains of old St. Gallen. In particular, it refers to the abbey complex which is comprised of the cathedral, monastery square, former abbey buildings, Karlstor and Gallusplatz. The cathedral was built from 1755-1767 by Peter Thumb from Bregenzerwald. The church was restored to its original condition between 1961 and 1967. During this time the original ceiling frescoes by Josef Wannemacher were uncovered and restored. The Abbey Library is one of the oldest in the Western world. Manuscripts in the Abbey Library date back to the 5th century and the reading room, also constructed under Peter Thumb, is one of the finest examples of the Baroque period in Switzerland . The Convent of St. Catherine's built in 1228 contains the Gothic cloister and an open-shelf library.

Mount Säntis is situated in the alpine foothills and is one of the highest peaks at 2502m. The gondola offers a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area including the Säntis Nature Discovery Park . From the summit the view extends to over six countries. The excursion will begin with the Säntis Gondola ride to the summit followed by appetizers and beverages, and concludes with dinner at the Panorama Restaurant. A bus shuttle to and from the Mount Säntis will be provided.

The Hotel offers an elegant environment for the farewell dinner. The restaurant is known for its innovative cuisine and extensive selection of wine from their exquisite wine cellar. The dinner will be followed by entertainment and dancing.